Thursday, June 12, 2008

Milk and Honey

Today I drank a glass of 1% milk for breakfast. Just a glass of milk. No cereal, no yogurt, no granola. Just a glass of milk. I wonder if I'm starting to starve myself. I've been walking about 4 1/4 miles everyday with my neighbor. We've been doing this consistently for about a month and I can still feel my pants making red marks in my stomach where I have permanent rolls created by my fat being too much for my pants to contain. I think myself thin. Then I get discouraged. The saddest part? I know I'm truly beautiful inside and out. I keep hearing this radio commercial for a weight loss something-or-other and the woman says "I'm embarrassed when my husband introduces me to coworkers." Yeah. I'm embarrassed too. The Husband doesn't even introduce his wife though. The Husband and I can run into someone he knows and I don't exist. He doesn't even bother with introductions, he has a conversation with the person and we walk away. I don't think The husband realizes what this does to my self-esteem. I've brought it up in conversation before, in my own passive agressive way, "So glad I got to meet.... oh, I didn't catch the name, huh. OH! That's right, because you didn't introduce us." The husband swears it's because he doesn't find these other people "important enough" to introduce his wife to. Perhaps I'm the one that's unimportant.

UPDATE: Drinking only milk for breakfast = recipe for really bad breath.

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